With the high uncertainty in the job market today, becoming an independent business owner has become the number one choice for financial security.  However, many individuals who want to establish a business or are already in business are faced with financial challenges. Insufficient finance is ranked as the top hindrance to business development. In my book, “Skyrocket Your Business at Zero Cost” I provide a step-by-step process on how to start or grow any business with no money. In addition, many people are afraid to start a business because they do not have the proper information and guidance. We also help you with a proven success system and guidelines for starting or growing a new business. 

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Why "Skyrocket Your Business at Zero Cost"? This book is important to start or grow a new Business with no money.

Since 2006, I have been working with some of the most poorest communities in the tropics, teaching them how to manage natural resources in a sustainable way. However, the unanswered question and the hard choices these local community members had to make daily was to choose between the option of protecting wildlife verses making a living by hunting the wildlife. It was not easy for them given that more than 98% of their income was generated by practicing hunting.

In order to resolve this issue, my team and I needed to develop workable strategies for these community members so that they could raise the income needed to sustain their household while protecting the wildlife species. This actually meant creating something from nothing. However, we learned how to create something from nothing.

skyrocket your business at zero costDuring this process, we learned how to trade value for money. In my book ‘Skyrocket your business at Zero Cost’  I shared the same principle we have been using since 2007 to create massive value in the lives of individuals and business leaders. Recently, the concept of ‘Business at Zero Cost’ is gaining a lot of momentum in the leadership and business  industry. Four months ago, the book SKYROCKET YOUR BUSINESS AT ZERO COST was and is still ranked as the number one bestselling book in Amazon.

It is time for individuals and business leaders to work wisely and earn big.  Through the process of helping people start and grow their business at zero cost I have learned one key lesson


The book “Skyrocket your business at Zero Cost” clearly show how individuals could leverage the value added concept  in business development to grow themselves, their community, and their company at zero cost. 

Thanks for reading. 

Dr. Francis Mbunya 

The only key to success

Last night I was on my desk thinking and putting the last remarks on the online course I am preparing to launch title “The Only Key to Success: the blueprint of Becoming the Expert”, my mind took me to some of the key successful people I know, including:

  • Mark Zuckerberg 
  • Serena Williams
  • Nelson Mandela
  • John Maxwell
  • Bill Gate and others

When I thought about these people, I could identify them with two key words “Their Story and the  one thing they do”
When I reflected back to the world of an entrepreneur I could identify that only one thing is missing. The lack of the understanding that only one thing is needed for success”. I captured this one thing in my upcoming course “The Only Key to Success” in four key iterative principles namely:

  1. Understanding
  2. Finding
  3. Using
  4. Releasing

When you understand the one thing you should focus on as a business leader, you start creating the difference. When you find out what exactly you should do with your ‘one thing’ you position yourself to become a leader in your field. When you use what you found out to impact other, you start creating impact, and  when you release, what you know to the people who need the solution your are offering, you become the expert.
As you begin your week, think through this processes and fill the gap you might be missing.


What did you do today?

Last week Tuesday as my son came back from school and we were about having dinner, he asked me “Daddy, how was your day today?” “Find”, I responded, and he went further “so what did you do at work today?”. That was a difficult one to answer, not because I did not do anything but because I was finding a way to better response to his question in a less complicated manner.

That day, I have been working on an online course title “THE ONLY KEY TO SUCCESS”, which was published yesterday on Udemy. After thinking for a while, I said, I have been working on explaining how people can be more successful. He said, “okay, that is fine”.

However, his question left me with a further question that have been keeping me awake, and I will welcome any thoughts that could help. The question is “Is there a gap between knowledge and failure?”

I look forward to hearing from you

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