The only key to success

What did you do today?

Last week Tuesday as my son came back from school and we were about having dinner, he asked me “Daddy, how was your day today?” “Find”, I responded, and he went further “so what did you do at work today?”. That was a difficult one to answer, not because I did not do anything but because I was finding a way to better response to his question in a less complicated manner.

That day, I have been working on an online course title “THE ONLY KEY TO SUCCESS”, which was published yesterday on Udemy. After thinking for a while, I said, I have been working on explaining how people can be more successful. He said, “okay that is find”.

However, his question left me with a further question that have been keeping me awake, and I will welcome any thoughts that could help. The question is “Is there a gap between knowledge and failure?”

I look forward to hearing from you

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