businessatzerocost's CEO
Dr. Francis Mbunya

Dr. Francis Mbunya : CEO

Dr. Francis Mbunya is the founder of Businessatzerocost Academy. He is an award winning CEO and a Bestselling author. His best-selling book; Skyrocket Your Business at Zero Cost is helping business leaders dismiss the idea that money is the primary driver for business growth. He is helping business leaders establish multi-million dollar firms by showing them how to step into a new phase of unlimited growth at zero cost. 
For the pass 12 years as a community development expert and a business leader, Dr. Francis has been able to help hundred of individuals and business leaders like you discover the missing piece that becomes the master key to generating huge profits while adding value to themselves and their community.
Dr. Francis strongly believes that by growing others, we grow ourselves and our community. He has featured as a guess speaker for many international conferences; including the 2017 Earth Optimism Summit in Cambridge, UK among others. He has won several awards and recognitions with some of the world’s top institutions including: the United Nations Environmental Program and the National Geographic Society through his work on community development.
If there is one thing that he could do today, it will be to add value to people’s lives to enable them achieve their desired results. 

businessatzeocost's Head of Marketing and Sales
Loveline B. Nkobenai

Loveline B. Nkobenai: Head of Marketing and Sales

With a background in business management, Loveline is very passionate at what she does. She holds a Master degree in Management and brings to the team more than 5 years of work experience in Business Administration. She has a servant’s heart and delights in putting smiles on the faces of those that she serves. If there is one person you will love to talk to when you are having a bad day, that would be her.

businessatzerocost' team member
Edwin Nkemanteh

Edwin Nkemanteh 

MBA in Project Management and possesses extensive background in business development and marketing. 

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